Bookshop.Org A Big Opportunity for Authors

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Much has been written about how Bookshop.Org has been helping independent bookstores - in the USA at time of writing $12.9m raised.

Now live in the UK, over £1.1m has been raised already.

The concept is simple. Fans can buy on the site and nominate which of their local independent bookstores gets credited with the sale and earns the sales commission.

In addition, the 'affiliate' income goes to whoever sets up the storefront on the site. This is a massive opportunity for authors.

For example an author can set up a storefront with their own books and those of their peers - they will earn their normal royalties from their publisher, but also earn commission on all sales made through that storefront.

Here's a great example. Judy Bartkowiak is an NLP author - here is her UK storefront featuring her books and other NLP authors she likes. You can build lists and sections;

So you can build links direct to lists too e.g. Books for Parents on understanding children and teens

BookshopOrg does a great job of automatically creating banners for the lists...



It takes only a few minutes to set these storefronts up and ideal for the authors publisher to share on social media. They have an excellent step-by-step guide to setting up an author profile on Bookshop.Org.



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