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The Baker Street Journal

"Nunn turns the Canon on its head in this clever and entertaining book and imagines a world in which Holmes has turned to crime. As a criminal consultant, Holmes vies with his rival Moriarty for the role of king of crime."

Ravens Reviews

“Let us suppose that Holmes was not the consulting detective of the canon and bitter enemy to Professor Moriarty. Picture him instead as a “consulting criminal,” head of a vast criminal empire spreading its wings over London, Britain, and creeping into the rest of the world. Moriarty is a rival, trying to push Holmes out as “the Napoleon of Crime.”

That is the premise of this book. Nunn has taken the entire canon, including the cases mentioned in passing by Watson, but unrecorded.  He even brings in one of the stories from Doyle’s Tales of Mystery and Horror, The Lost Special!” Each adventure is woven into the story from the viewpoint that Holmes masterminded them with Watson as a Lieutenant in Holmes’ operation…

It really is a well thought out plot and the inclusion of some many cases doesn’t stop the flow of the story at all! Nunn has been extremely successful in his makeover of the Holmes canon.”

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