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The reviews have started to come in from the early readers of EARTHLINGS by Phil Growick. The official launch of the book is 7th December - 7/12/23 (some of you will recognise the significance of the date once you read the reviews...). 

The book is available for pre-order from Amazon USA and Barnes and Noble and also as a perk on Indiegogo.


"Earthlings is a highly animated master piece. The author is genius in his projection of creativity which catches and stimulates the imagination. The story form keeps an addictive flow and compels the reader to move on to the next story line. Kudos to the author who has brought back the lost art of stimulating the imagination."

Rick Morris, Assistant Chief Of Police, West Palm Beach.


"What intricate, complicated and completely off the wall imagination!!! Wholly bonkers ? brain, but very very clever. Who else other than Phil Growick could write such hilarious stories and dream up such totally weird characters!! Love the stories, laughed and laughed!!" 

Maureen Taylor


"I'm looking at it, and it's very good, very Douglas Adams / Hitchhikers."

Dean Wilkinson, TV comedy writer who has worked with Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, Harry Hill.

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