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The author of Sherlock Holmes and the Folk Tale Mysteries shows her versatility here, with four new Holmes stories in the classic style; a delightful tale, “The Case of the Refurbished Room”, narrated by Bertie Wooster, in which his man Jeeves’s uncle is called out of retirement to investigate strange goings-on at Aunt Agatha’s country house — said uncle being Sherlock Holmes; a neat little fantasy, with the apparently irrelevant title of “The Case of the Loud Librarians”; a nice comedy sketch in which Jack Stapleton tries and fails to buy a suitably vicious dog; and eight short essays, covering the history of the Criterion Bar, the jewels of the Agra treasure; pigs in the canon; Ms Puhl’s correspondence with Vincent Starrett; and more. Particularly impressive among the pastiches is “Colonel Warburton’s Madness”, but they are all cleverly devised and intelligently written. 


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A Sherlock Holmes fan for most of her life, Gayle Lange Puhl has collected in this volume her latest stories and studies on the Great Detective.  Included here are her well-reviewed “Colonel Warburton’s Madness” and “The Blood-Splattered Bridge,” plus other entertaining adventures.  Essays on various Sherlockian subjects are also covered.  Notable among them are the history of the real Criterion Bar and the contents of the Agra Treasure box.  Discover the importance of pigs in the Canon (it is more than bacon!).  Join in the fun of linking actor Wiliam Gillette, the first filmed Holmes, to today’s BBC SHERLOCK’s Benedict Cumberbatch. 

Gayle Lange Puhl, ASH, is a past Solitary Typist of The Criterion Bar Association and the founder of two Sherlock Holmes scions.  She has been published in The Baker Street Journal, The Devon County Chronicle, and The Serpentine Muse, the magazine of the Adventuresses of Sherlock Holmes.

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