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The Sherlock Holmes Society of London

"The first President of this Society, S.C. Roberts, once observed “Certain imaginative playwrights, with a greater regard for popular sentiment than for documentary evidence, have boldly portrayed Sherlock Holmes not only as a lover, but as husband and father”.

This book is a Sherlock Holmes adventure with heart, states the author. This is a boldly portrayed Holmes who wears his heart on his sleeve, and who not only acquires an adopted daughter, but a wife, namely the by-then-widowed Mrs Irene Norton! The plot weaves together a number of themes; an attempted re-launch of Moriarty’s organisation, repeated attacks on Holmes by Moriarty’s daughter, and, the key element, a series of murders of women connected with the suffragist movement.

Canonical references and characters abound, and the knowledgeable Holmesian will chuckle over many of them. Some novel elements have been introduced, Inspector Chandra Das, for example, and one chapter features the “Russian Influenza” which menaced Britain and most of Western Europe in the late nineteenth century. How topical is that!

All in all, this book is exciting, ingenious, and a delight to read. I hope it will attract the modern generation to our Holmes and Watson." 


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