Book Review - My Dear Watson

Book Review - My Dear Watson

"Margaret Park Bridges takes an even more revisionist approach in her novel. The detective’s secret is disclosed at the very start of the book, and it’ll do no harm to reveal it here: Sherlock Holmes was a woman. It’s not a new idea but it’s handled here with great skill and confidence, and it has a purpose, to account for much of Holmes’s personality as described by Dr Watson.  Visits to the Turkish baths must have posed problems, but there’s no real contradiction here of Watson’s accounts. The woman Holmes lives as a man, and Watson believes her to be a man. Am I convinced? No. Do I accept it while reading the book? Yes, and not only because it’s essential to the story, which is a good one, involving the beautiful daughter of the late James Moriarty."   Sherlock Holmes Society of London 

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