Book Review - Lose Weight in 20 Minutes

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After years of limited exercise combined with a love of fine food, Alex Buckley was known to his friends as Fat Al. He followed a number of diet plans to no effect before coming up with his own solution, which is outlined in this book. His message is basically an extended version of the long standing sound advice that to lose weight you need to eat less and exercise more. Buckley's suggestions break this broad truth down into achievable micro steps. He provides tips on ways of sustaining weight loss by very gradually changing your behaviour. The book does not offer detailed recipes or a programme of food exclusion. It is very much about advice on small day to day choices and gradual change, written in a straightforward and easily accessible style.

All of Buckley's tips are underpinned by the ssh factor: don't tell anyone that you are embarking on a new regime. That way if at first you don't quite make it, no-one will notice your lack of success and you won't feel so disheartened. However, if you do succeed, your friends will notice your weight loss. Psychologically, this seems a good idea. It offers the chance of moving to a healthier lifestyle with the minimum song and dance!

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