Book Review - A Baskerville Curse

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Sherlock Holmes is considered the most popular fictional detective in the world, holding the record for the most portrayed movie character, with over 200 films to his name. In the world of toys, the Lego construction toys are equally as popular having produced over 600 billion pieces, as well as being the foundation of six theme parks and several movies.

It seems only natural that the two would meet up, and they do so delightfully, in the enjoyable and entertaining book, A Baskerville Curse, Another Sherlock Holmes Alphabet, written and illustrated by, P. James Macaluso Jr.

In the book, the author creates scenes out Legos, alphabetically based on the chapters from the Sherlock Holmes novel, The Hound of the Baskervilles.

This book is part of the Sherlock Holmes Reimagined series, which features many different Sherlock Holmes stories told in Lego creations.

The scenes are creative and often humorous, and make for an enjoyable experience. In looking at the scene for the letters “R” &”S”, we see “Repeated Signals”, where Barrymore the butler is seen mysteriously communicating with someone out on the more.

The book is currently on kickstarter - A Baskerville Curse - so you can be a part of making it happen.

Review by author Joseph Svec III 

There is information on the whole series of fifteen books at Sherlock Re-Imagined

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