Book Launch - Treachery In Torquay Launches In Italian

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Bill Lawler's Sherlock Holmes tale set in Torquay will be the first new novel for Italian giants Mondarori in 2020 - launching in January.

'Treachery in Torquay - A Sherlock Holmes Adventure' is translated into 'Sherlock Holmes - Il villagion della morte' (Sherlock Holmes - The Village of Death).

Their series, 'Il Giallo Mondadoro' enters its 91st year has had a new Holmes novel a month for the last five years featuring most of the world's leading Holmes authors.

The book will be the 34th MX Publishing novel to be included in the collection with another eight planned in 2020/21.

In English the book is available from:

Amazon USA      The Strand Magazine  (special offer)

Amazon UK    Book Depository (free worldwide shipping)


The full list of MX titles in Italian from Mondadori is:

Mondadori Number Title Author
1 Secret Journal of Dr Watson Phil Growick
4 The Revenge of Sherlock Holmes Phil Growick
27 The Last Confession of Sherlock Holmes Kieran Lyne
14 The Detective and The Woman Amy Thomas
9 Watsons Afghan Adventure Kieran McMullen
16 Sherlock Holmes and Irish Rebels Kieran McMullen
20 Winking Tree Amy Thomas
24 Silent Hive Amy Thomas
17 Amateur Executioner Andriacco/McMullen
25 Poisoned Penman Andriacco/McMullen
18 Widow of Dartmoor Wick Downing
21 Biased Judegement Geri Schear
22 Mystery of The Boer Wagon Kieran McMullen
40 Sherlock Homes and the sword of Osman  Tim Symonds
35 Mrs. Hudson in New York Barry Brown
37 Sherlock Holmes and the adventure of Ruby Elephant Chris James
36 Sherlock Holmes and the other woman Geri Schear
29 Sherlock Holmes and the Baron of brede place Dan Victor
38 The final page of Baker Street Dan Victor
43 Return To Reichenbach Geri Schear
41 The Vatican Cameos Richard Ryan
44 Sherlock Holmes and A Quantity of Debt David Marcum
45 Jeweller of Florence Chris James
47 Sherlock Holmes and The Whitechapel Murders Mark Sohn
46 Sherlock Holmes and Hitler's Messanger of Death Petr Macek
49 Sherlock Holmes and The Nine Dragon Sigil Tim Symonds
58 Sherlock Holmes and The Stone of Destiny Richard Ryan
54 Sherlock Holmes and The Demon of The Dusk Arthur Hall
60 The One Hundred Per Cent Society Arthur Hall
59 Sherlock Holmes and The Case of The Bulgarian Codex Tim Symonds
61 Outrage At The Diogenes Club Dan Victor
56 Seventeen Minutes To Baker Street Dan Victor
64 Unpleasantness at Parkerton Manor Barry Brown


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