Black Friday 2022

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This year we've decided to keep it simple. A flat 30% discount on all books on the entire site when you buy at least 4 books (we have to spread the shipping). 

The code is simply 'blackfriday' and will run until the end of November.

We now have over 500 Sherlock Holmes books so this is the ideal once in a year time to get hold of some bargains. Here are some ideas of where to start...

New Books

Try some of our new books - we've published nearly 100 books in 2021 and 2022.


Or why not treat yourself to our top twenty bestselling books of all time (measured in audiobook sales)?

1 - The Demon of the Dusk - Arthur Hall 

2 - The Scarlet Thread of Murder - Luke Kuhns

3 - The Vatican Cameos - Rich Ryan 

4 - The Druid of Death - Rich Ryan

5 - The Adventure of The Pigtail Twist - Matt Simmonds 

6 - The Merchant of Menace - Rich Ryan 

7 - The Hunt For Jack The Ripper - Gerry Kelly (ebook and audio only)

8 - A Guide To Deduction - Hannah Rogers 

9 - The Cotswold Werewolf - Peter K Andersson

10 - The Further Chronicles of Sherlock Holmes - Vol 1 - Denis Smith

11 - The Stone of Destiny - Richard Ryan

12 - Sherlock Holmes The Golden Years - Kim Krisco

13 - The Adventure of The Ruby Elephants - Chris James 

14 - A Biased Judgement - Geri Schear 

15 - Through a Glass Starkly - Richard Ryan 

16 - The Sensible Necktie - Peter K Andersson 

17 - The Jeweller of Florence - Chris James 

18 - A Quantity of Debt - David Marcum

19 - The One Hundred Per Cent Society - Arthur Hall 

20 - Holmes and Watson - An Evening In Baker Street - David Ruffle 


Christmas Themed Books

If you'd like to get some Christmas themed books check out our 'Christmas Themed Sherlock Holmes Books' collection. 


First Book In A Series

If you'd like to try out some new writers that have a series of books our 'First Book In A Series' collection is an excellent place to start.



Note: There are only a few exclusions - please let us know if the discount doesn't work for what you want and we'll endeavour to sort it out.

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