Top Seven Sherlock Holmes Books In Print December So Far

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It's been a very busy start to December with lots of the new autumn titles dominating. However at #2 is a book that came out six years ago proving that Sherlock Holmes stories are timeless. Dan Andriacco BSI is one of the most popular US Holmes writers. He has some traditional novels, but it is the McCabe and Cody series that garners his biggest fan base with a dozen books so far. 


1. MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories XXVIII to XXX - the three new volumes of the world's largest Sherlock Holmes collection released last month continue to top the charts. 


2. No Police Like Holmes (McCabe and Cody Book 1) - Dan Andriacco. The first of ten novels (so far) and two short story collections following a modern day Holmes and Watson (McCabe and Cody). Renewed interest this autumn with book 10's release (No Ghosts Need Apply) and another book released in audio (Book 5 - Bookmarked for Murder). The books can be read in any order, but benefit from going in sequence so it looks like many fans are going to Book 1 to start the series.


3. The Keys of Death - A Sherlock Holmes Adventure - Gretchen Altabef's third Holmes novel came out last week and is off to a flying start. With a foreword by Mattias Bostrom the book is set to be Gretchen's most successful so far.


4. Three May Keep A Secret - A Sherlock Holmes Adventure - Richard Ryan. This is Richard's sixth Holmes novel and his first, Vatican Cameos remains our bestselling Sherlock Holmes novel of all time if you add up all the formats and has 140 ratings on Amazon. Richard got a mention in both our recent interviews with Lee Child and Jeffrey Hatcher as one of their favourite Holmes writers of the modern era. Each novel is completely stand alone so they can be read in any order.


5. Sherlock Holmes and The Egyptian Tomb Mystery - this is the fourth of Johanna Rieke's novels to be translated into English - she has several more released in German. All stand alone novels the most popular one for us is still the first - Sherlock Holmes and The Cornwall Affair which has also been released in audio.


6. The Collected Papers of Sherlock Holmes (5 Volumes) - David Marcum. Released together as a mammoth five volume set, this contains 77 (yes, seventy seven) Sherlock Holmes stories. As well as having edited over 800 Holmes stories to date, David has written more than any other Holmes writer in history - including Conan Doyle himself. Lee Child says about his latest novel, Eye of Heka which is included in this collection; "Marcum could be today's greatest Sherlockian writer, and Conan Doyle himself would be proud of this story."

Of course by the time of publication David had penned thirteen more Holmes stories so Volume 6 can't be far away. For those longing for traditional Holmes stories this is a must have collection and not a surprise to see all five volumes near the top of the charts.


 7. Beasts of London - Janina Woods. This is the first 'light manga' style novel to be released under the Orange Pip Books imprint (the alternative imprint for MX) and both the fantasy storyline and artwork are stunning. This is Janina's third Holmes novel, the first two focussing on Mycroft as the main character and her first step into fantasy. The artwork is from amazing Malaysian artist Ryu from Leupus.



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