A $100 Valentine's Gift For Sherlock Affectionados

Posted by Steve Emecz on

**Special offer up to 14th February - if you sign up to Dear Holmes on the offer below you can let us know and we will send you $100 of Sherlock Holmes books in PDF as an extra gift**

Delight your partner-in-crime with interactive Sherlockian mysteries from Dear Holmes.

Each month, Sherlock Holmes will ask your detective to take on one of his pending cases. They'll receive weekly clues by mail and have the chance to compete with fellow detectives around the world for the coveted title of “Featured Detective”. And as if that weren't enough, at the end of each case, they'll receive a personal letter from none other than Sherlock Holmes himself. He will lay out the solution to your mystery, providing invaluable insights into his brilliant mind.

Our partnership with Dear Holmes allows us to extend you a 10% discount on all mystery packages, all of which are intricately woven, rich in detail, and stay true to the essence of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's beloved characters.

Simply hop over to the Dear Holmes website, select your package and enter the promo code MXFRIEND at checkout.

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