3 for 2 on Mike Foy's Acclaimed Coffee Table Books

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With the code 3for2Foy you can get a $34.95 discount on the first three books from Mike Foy.

Mike Foy started his Holmes journey with the highly acclaimed The Curious Book of Sherlock Holmes Characters. It got a very good review from The Sherlock Holmes Society of London;

"This comprehensive directory of every character in the Canon sensibly proceeds in a simple alphabetical format (by character rather than story) and, equally sensibly, has a comprehensive index. Characters I didn’t even consider characters are represented, such as Desborough, a horse from Silver Blaze. If it had a name it’s in the book!"

Mike then switched to what looks like his magnum opus - Sherlock Holmes A Study In Illustrations. The first two volumes have been released and very well received. Mike is already working on Volumes 3 and 4.

Volume 1 heavily features Sidney Paget and its with Volume 2 that reviewers expressed how valuable the collection will be. Mike collected 484 images in Volume 2, most of which will be new to most Sherlockians.

Volume 3 is due later this year so its a perfect time to pick up the first three books.



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