Review of Sherlock Holmes and The Menacing Moors

Posted by Steve Emecz on

“...The story winds through the poetry, to Baskerville Hall, to a confrontation on the moors with a beast like none they had seen, to the inquest on Will Abernathy, (which enrages Holmes,) back to 221B, and thus to the Sussex Downs where Holmes trains as a apiarist and solves a crime, and back to Baker Street for the shock ending I didn’t see coming! The story is really good and the Herculean effort it must have been to write it all in verse—well, my hat is off to you, Mr. Allan Mitchell! I wouldn’t dream of seeing such work get less than five plus stars from  me..".  View this and other community reviews at GoodReads.

Sherlock Holmes and The Menacing Moors is available from all good bookstores and when you buy the book on our site the kids at Happy Life children's Home will plant a tree on your behalf - all in aid of our #bookstotrees campaign.  


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