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New Review of ‘A Chronology of the life of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Revised and Expanded Edition’ from Peter E Blau

“Brian W. Pugh’s A CHRONOLOGY OF THE LIFE OF SIR ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE (May 09 #5) was a valuable resource for those interested in Conan Doyle’s life and work, and a new revised and expanded edition (London: MX Publishing, 2012; 267 pp., £14.99) is even more valuable, with a detailed index, citations of sources, excellent illustrations, and an impressive list of the many statues and plaques honoring Conan Doyle, his daughter Jean, Holmes, and Watson to be found in Britain, the United States, Australia, Japan, France, Italy, Russia, and Switzerland <>.” A Chronology of Arthur Conan Doyle - Revised and Expanded Edition is available from all good bookstores including in the USA AmazonBarnes and Noble, in the UK AmazonWaterstones,  and for everywhere else Book Depository who offer free worldwide delivery. chronology 2nd edition