Bookbag Reviews My Dear Watson - a novel of Sherlock Holmes

Posted by Steve Emecz on

"I started this book after an evening out, thinking I would just read a page or two to help me sleep... two hours later I’d read all of it. Margaret Park Bridges knows how to give a reader a good time. Each page beckons you hypnotically towards the next. It’s suspense filled, interesting, fun and, indeed funny to the point of farce on a couple of occasions." Four star reviews from independent bookstore review site The Bookbag are to be treasured as they don't come around too often. My Dear Watson gets a great review - a few minor gripes - but overall "this is an excellent book with a driving plot and twists right through it like a stick of rock." Margaret Park Bridges book was originally published in Japanese a decade ago so it was lucky Sherlock Holmes fans in Japan who until now had been treated to the concept of Sherlock Holmes as a woman. You can read the full review on The Bookbag Website. My Dear Watson is available from all good bookstores worldwide including Amazon USA, and in all good formats including Kindle, Nook, iBooks,

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