Hollywood Film Director Joins Guy Ritchie team in the Great Sherlock Holmes Debate

Posted by Steve Emecz on

After several Holmes heavyweights joined the side of the BBC's Sherlock, the Guy Ritchie side was looking a little light - but no more. Gerry O'Hara has worked with some of the most famous actors of all time from Laurence Olivier (Richard III) to Joan Collins (The Bitch) and has directed many Hollywood movies - including working on the Academy Award winning Tom Jones. He's no stranger to television either having worked on The Avengers, The Professionals, Hammer House of Horror, Cats Eyes and a host of other programmes. He's a record breaker too. He wrote the adaptation of the book Operation Julie which was the first adaptation to play across three consecutive nights on British TV and drew a record 13 million viewers. Talking with his agent, Tom Evans, we tried to find out why he's joined the side of Guy Ritchie. Tom is careful to not to reveal too much, but lets just say that there are some similarities between Guy and (a younger) Gerry that clinched it. We're working hard at getting an interview with Gerry but he's hard to track down and for now we'll settle for him committing to being on the team. Gerry's own Holmes adaptation comes out in book form soon-  'Sherlock Holmes and The Affair In Transylvania' - with a film adaptation in the offing. So the teams are lining up nicely. We've had several more approaches today which we are working through and will have more news over the weekend. Please remember the debate is supporting two important causes - Save Undershaw and BAFTA for Jeremy Brett - please check out their sites and join their pages on Facebook (Undershaw Trust on Facebook).

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