Book Review - Sherlock Holmes Society of London reviews A Case of Witchcraft

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A Case of Witchcraft 

"A Case of Witchcraft by Joe Revill teams Holmes rather improbably with Aleister Crowley to investigate the disappearance of an eminent folklorist in what’s described as a ‘remote and rather backward northern isle’. The situation is strongly reminiscent of The Wicker Man, but, of course, Holmes is not Sergeant Howie. His attitude towards the so-called Old Religion, not to mention the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, is remarkably liberal, but perhaps that’s the influence of his companion. A Case of Witchcraft is a decided oddity, but well written (in the third person) and thoroughly researched."

Sherlock Holmes Society of London 

From the back cover:

A tale of witchcraft in the Northern Isles, in which some long-concealed secrets are revealed - concerning not only the Dark Arts but also the Great Detective himself.

Available from Amazon USA, Amazon UK, Book Depository (free worldwide shipping), Amazon Kindle and Audiobook.

ISBN: 9781780920092

Pages: 300

Author: Joe Revill

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