Lose Weight In 20 Minutes - Can you lose weight with no dieting, no stopping drinking, just small behaviour changes? It appears so.

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As a publisher we have about 100 books and about 60 authors now, and sometimes we publish a book that we use ourselves. That's the case with the new book from Alex Buckley - Ssh! Lose Weight in 20 Minutes. I couldn't help but feel that Alex was talking about me in his description of a 40 year old who spends time commuting, in front of a computer, likes my food and wine and doesn't do enough exercise. Sound familiar? Alex was fat - in fact, he was clinically obese and his GP had told him so. He'd tried every diet going and couldn't stick to them. He has a wife and three children and hit a revelation that his life was heading to be much shorter than he wanted. The principle behind his book and method is blindingly simple. Make small, incremental changes in your lifestyle that can become habitual and you will lose weight gradually and it will stay off. He's living proof having lost more than 3 stones (42lb, 19 kilos) and he hasn't stopped drinking, eating what he wants or significantly increased his exercise. Alex isn't a doctor, psychologist, fitness trainer or guru, he's just an ordinary (ex) fat man who has discovered something pretty special. All the doctors and trainers that have read his book have given it a hearty thumbs up as it's really basic common sense. His writing style is funny and very open and honest as he takes us through the hints and tips to replicate what he's achieved. And how is it working for me? I've found it really easy to adopt some of his tips and well, 2 kilos so far and I'm enjoying every minute of it. Ssh! Lose Weight in 20 minutes is launched on 14th March in paperback, Amazon Kindle, Kobo, iBooks and all other good formats. First to have it for pre-order are Amazon USA, Amazon UK, and Amazon Japan.


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