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The Punishment of Sherlock Holmes

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A collection of hundreds of Sherlock Holmes puns amassed over decades and stolen from a host of sources. The wordplay may be familiar, but the settings and characters are all original to the sources cited. The puns that have made it into the book are all Sherlockian narratives. Each is a tale describing events featuring Holmes characters, not simply a comment or an observation. We warn traditional Holmes fans up front, you will be annoyed and offended. If you are not, then the authors simply have not found your particular hangup - yet. Pick a number, they will get to you in a later edition. 


“The Punishment of Sherlock Holmes: Selected Sherlockian Puns edited by Bob Burr and Philip K Jones is a deliberately and successfully funny assemblage of what must be several hundred short and short-short shaggy dog stories about Holmes and Watson. The book is dedicated to John Bennett Shaw, who would have loved it.”

Sherlock Holmes Society of London

Author Name: Philip K Jones and Bob Burr

ISBN: 9781780920443

Page count: 306

Word Count: 66,000

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