Sherlock Holmes Audio - Larceny In The Sky With Diamonds

Sherlock Holmes Audio - Larceny In The Sky With Diamonds

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The year is 1891 and, with Sherlock Holmes out of the country, Professor Moriarty is bored, and looking around for an opportunity to make mischief.

At an afternoon social gathering near London, he meets and befriends Lady Pulmorton of Oakenby Hall. She is worried about her husband, Henry’s obsession with flying. He has been injured in a gliding accident, and now it seems he has built a proper heavier than air flying machine. A steam-powered version of Clement Ader’s French design.
When he hears that the immensely rich Countess of Felixberg is due to visit Oakenby Hall, Moriarty decides to visit the place himself and to steal her jewels. With his plans working out, and with his pockets full of stolen goods, Moriarty is about to slip away, when Sir Henry, armed with a shotgun, challenges him.

Moriarty manages to make a rapid but highly unconventional exit, and, aware that his exploits will stir Scotland Yard into frantic action, he decides to leave the country. Perhaps to travel to Switzerland.

Format     Audio

Author     Robert Stapleton

Editor      David Marcum

Narrator  Luke Barton

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