Sheerluck Versus The Paranormal Volume 3

Sheerluck Versus The Paranormal Volume 3

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Author Name: Dean Wilkinson

Illustrated by: Joseph Keen

There are dark, powerful, and terrifying, supernatural forces at work in this world. If it weren’t for the boy paranormal investigator Sheerluck, his older sister Watson, and an atomic sprite named Mycroft, you probably wouldn’t have a bum to kiss goodbye. 

The unquiet dead, the very noisy un-dead and a billion types of spectral, unearthly and occult dangers in between are out there. It’s game on! 

In this volume : 

Shadow People 

Eerie Coincidences 


Hollow Moon 

Are they real? 

Or what? 

You will recoil at the menacing and macabre cases Sheerluck and co have dealt with. So sit down, strap in and unexpect the expected! 

Dean Wilkinson is a writer for TV, stage, console games and books. In a lengthy career he has written for the likes of John Cleese, Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie and Harry Hill. He was Ant and Dec’s writer for 7 years and penned the mighty SMTV Live and Chums for them. He is the writer on many big games such as Sony’s LittleBigPlanet and Disney’s Mickey’s Castle Of Illusion and Fantasia Music Evolved. 

Joseph Keen is an artist with many years experience in comics, graphic novels and  book illustration. His many animation projects include ITV’s Signed Stories and in-house E-Learning tools for Toyota and DuPont.

ISBN: 9781787054578 Page count: 100 Publication-date: 23rd May 2019

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