Vol 7 - The Redacted Sherlock Holmes

Vol 7 - The Redacted Sherlock Holmes

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Two kings, a model, a traitor, two wombats, two poets, an accountant, more lobbyists than you can count, three titans of business, two artists, a pawnbroker…and Sherlock Holmes. 

Orlando Pearson presents them all in the latest addition to the acclaimed Redacted Sherlock Holmes series.

  • The Poet and his Muse – a life-changing discovery in Highgate Cemetery;
  • A Study in Black and Orange – the race to find a missing royal artefact;
  • The Cherry-Tree and the Comma – poetry, treason, and blackmail;
  • M Harris Smith – the woman with whom Holmes had a professional association; and
  • A Story with a Health-Warning – death, spirits, and taxes.

An irresistible blend of Holmestry and history.

Author Name: Orlando Pearson

ISBN: 9781804240021

Page count: 170

Publication-date: 30th April 2022

Part of The Redacted Sherlock Holmes series.

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