When the Song of the Angels is Stilled - A Before Watson Novel - Book One - Sherlock Holmes Books

When the Song of the Angels is Stilled - A Before Watson Novel: Book 1

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Review - Kirkus (extract)

Holmes...is bitten by a dog visiting the campus with its owner, "Poppy" Stamford. Guilt...forces Poppy to take an interest in Sherlock's welfare,...A serial killer...the Angel Maker is...acquiring and murdering illegitimate babies...While Poppy's compassion has her yearning to solve the case, Sherlock's intellect and curiosity compel him--and perhaps his affection for Poppy...This fast-paced tale will appeal to those who like to ponder what made Sherlock Holmes the great detective he was. An engaging addition to Sherlock Holmes legendry.  


It is Spring, 1874, and twenty-year-old Sherlock Holmes is a lonely, mopey, friendless Oxford student. He attends classes and spends countless solitary hours conducting chemical experiments, reading, and playing his violin. Suddenly, his life changes because of a serendipitous moment on campus. While walking on the grounds of the university and practicing fencing moves with his foil, he encounters Victor Trevor and his sweetheart, Poppy Stamford, younger sister of the man who will one day introduce Sherlock to Dr. John Watson. Having just attended the final rowing contest of Eights Week, Victor and Poppy are also walking with her bull terrier. When the dog decides he doesn’t like the looks of Sherlock, he sinks his teeth into Sherlock's ankle.  This dog bite incident becomes a life-changing event for all of them. Through his new friendship with Victor Trevor and encouraged by Victor's father to use his genius for detective work, Sherlock discovers his uncanny abilities as he and Poppy are thrust into a dangerous investigation into England's notorious baby-farming industry. Be an eyewitness to the emergence of how Sherlock became the man and the legend we know today….


ISBN: 9781780927336   

Page count: 360   

Author Name: A S Croyle

Book 1 of 4 in the Before Watson Series

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