The Redacted Sherlock Holmes (Volume 6)

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Orlando Pearson presents five more scandalously entertaining stories in his well-known Redacted Sherlock Holmes series 

-        A Perilous Engagement: Mycroft Holmes and a Whitehall whitewash;

-        Death at Tennis: The hunt for the lady who fled the ball;

-        An Encirclement Thwarted: Espionage work at the outbreak of World War I;

-        The Sorceress and the Sea-Lord: A financial scandal and a familiar discovery; and

-        De Profundis: Holmes and Watson at the worst place on earth in 1945

Pearson mixes the Great Baker Street detective with history both familiar and unfamiliar to deliver his customary heady brew of Holmesiana

Author Name: Orlando Pearson

ISBN: 9781787055797

Page count: 184

Publication-date: 30th April 2020