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The Curse of Sherlock Holmes

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"thought provoking and dramatic". Sherlock Holmes Society of London

"The play is about Sherlock Holmes, and Jeremy Brett. It’s about Jeremy Brett being Sherlock Holmes. It’s about Sherlock Holmes being Jeremy Brett. And it is as fantastic as it is heartbreaking." Baker Street Babes (full review)

The acclaimed National Theatre actor Robert Stephens said to the star of Granada TV's Sherlock Holmes; Jeremy Brett; "Do not undertake the role of Sherlock Holmes. He will be your undoing". "You must drop it Mr. Holmes, you really must. It will be your undoing" said Professor James Moriarty upon his first encounter with Sherlock Holmes. Somewhere between the fact and fiction Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's greatest creation stole the soul of Jeremy Brett, the actor who would become the embodiment of the Baker Street sleuth. The Curse of Sherlock Holmes follows Jeremy as he fights for his sanity.... His life. This is the full script of the play by Dhanil Ali.

Author Name: Dhanil Ali

ISBN: 9781780923772
Page count: 108

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