Sherlock Holmes: The Adventure of the Jeweled Falcon and Other Stories

Sherlock Holmes: The Adventure of the Jeweled Falcon and Other Stories

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Sherlock Holmes is at it again…


In “The Adventure of the Jeweled Falcon”, Holmes tracks down an ancient priceless statue, but others are looking for it, too.

In, “The case of the Violin Savant”, using clues found in the sophisticated musical compositions of a celebrated but mute nine year-old violin savant, Holmes and Watson attempt to discover where and why the boy and his parents vanished.

In, “The Bizarre Challenge of Strange Mr. K”, a mysterious man visits 221B Baker Street late one night, confesses to committing a crime then challenges Holmes to solve the case so that he can turn himself in to Scotland Yard, but all Holmes has to go on is the strange man himself and a little luck.

In, “The Adventure of a Thousand Stings”, the horribly violent death of an eccentric apiarist pits Sherlock Holmes’ extraordinary deduction skills against an insect that has practiced and refined its deadly, swarming version of warfare over millions of years.

In, “The Adventure of the American Sleuth”, a young New York City detective, a talented student of Sherlock Holmes’ detecting methods, follows a killer to London and enlists his legendary mentor’s aid in trying to capture the elusive criminal.

In, “The Adventure of Stonehenge in London”, Holmes and Watson stumble upon a strange structure on the roof of a mansion in London, and somehow it relates to the missing 8th Earl of Rendlesham.

In, “The Criminal Face of Sherlock Holmes”, a criminal that resembles Sherlock Holmes commits crimes all over London. Can the real Holmes solve the riddle as to why and how and restore law and order to the great city?

In, “The Adventure of the Last Case”, over twenty years on the job, the great Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson finally call it quits but have to solve one more case before riding off into the sunset.

In, “The Adventure of the Portable Exo-Lung”, a wave of kidnappings, burglaries, blackmail and arson strains the resources of Scotland Yard. As the great Sherlock Holmes follows the clues left behind, he discovers these crimes are part of a deeper, more devious plan to trap and eliminate him – permanently.

In, “Mystery of the Last Martian”, in a tribute to HG Wells, as the Martian invasion of England collapses, Holmes and Watson are forced into one final battle, a battle of pure intellect, against the superior intelligence of a solitary Martian who has trapped them in the confines of 221b Baker Street.

GC Rosenquist was born in Chicago and now resides in McHenry, IL. He has studied writing and poetry at the College of Lake County in Grayslake, IL and has thirteen books previously published. For more information, go to

Author          Gregg Rosenquist

Pages           256

ISBN             9781787059993

Date              26th June 2022 

Pre-Publication first editions available on this site ahead of release date. Also from GC Rosenquist  - Sherlock Holmes – The Pearl of Death and Other Early Stories

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