#36 - The Affair of Miss Finney

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#36 - The Affair of Miss Finney Dalit Marom

The Art of Sherlock Holmes Based on a story by author Ann Margaret Lewis

The Story

This story illuminates quite gloomily a case of assault. Holmes is out of his depth when he is faced with a rape case. He therefore asks Mary Watson to interview the client and she proves to be a huge help. 

About This Print:

50 x 70 cm Unframed Matte poster printed on durable, archival paper. Other options available on Redbubble.

For all you artsy types out there you can enjoy The Art of Sherlock Holmes in a myriad of different ways including phone covers, cushion covers, mugs and a whole lot more!  Just hop over to Redbubble and explore by product or by design.

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