#003 - Two Plus Two

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#3 - Two Plus Two Vicki Siegel

The Art of Sherlock Holmes Based on a story by Phil Growick

The Story
Holmes and Watson tackle the case of theft of an amulet. This story is told within  Vol. III of the MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories.

About This Print:

50 x 70 cm Unframed Matte poster printed on durable, archival paper. Other options available on Redbubble.

For all you artsy types out there you can enjoy The Art of Sherlock Holmes in a myriad of different ways including phone covers, cushion covers, mugs and a whole lot more!  Just hop over to Redbubble and explore by product or by design.

The Artist:

Vicki Siegel is an America contemporary artist known for her mixed media works that unite painting and photography together. By combining these mediums, she creates images that merge her fascination with humanity, nature, and the environment, with the physicality of paint. Vicki Siegel grew up in both New York City and Chicago, attending the University of Illinois, Urbana, (BFA), and continued with Master of Fine Art course work, focusing on photography, at Tyler School of Art, Rome. She worked as an art director and later creative director in advertising in Milan, Chicago, and S. Florida. Siegel’s work is widely exhibited and collected. She is a fulltime working artist, with a studio in Delray Beach, Florida. Along with her studio practice, she instructs painting, conducts painting workshops, speaks to art groups and juries shows.  www.vickisiegelart.com

Artist Interview

The Author:

Phil Growick, who conceived and curated The Art of Sherlock Holmes, is also the author of two Sherlock Holmes novels: The Secret Journal of Dr. Watson, and its sequel, The Revenge of Sherlock Holmes. One of his short stories, Two Plus Two, also appears here. Though retired from his previous career in the happy world of advertising, he currently serves as the Chairman of Art In Public Places for the City of West Palm Beach and serves in an advisory capacity for several of the city’s departments. He is especially involved with the city’s Homeless Task Force.

Author Interview

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