2023 Top Sherlock Holmes Book Picks

From debut novels that will set your detective instincts on fire to the brilliant latest iterations by seasoned writers, we're here to reveal our MX Publishing Top Picks for 2023 - in no particular order.

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1. The Further Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes

A debut collection from British writer Caiden Cooper Myles that has had excellent reviews. Publishers Weekly said "Myles combines fresh plots with convincing recreations of Arthur Conan Doyle’s style and characterizations in this sturdy debut collection of seven Holmes short stories.... Sherlockians will hope Myles returns to 221B Baker Street again soon" (buy book here).

2. The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories (latest three volumes 40-42)

The largest Holmes collection in the world continues to break records and this latest set of volumes brings fifty three new traditional Sherlock Holmes stories from authors around the world. Since 2015 the collection has grown to over 800 stories with stories from leading Holmes writers and contributions from top mystery writers who are fans of ACD - like Lee Child and Jonathan Kellerman (buy books here).

3. Sherlock Holmes: The Tales of Darkness

Paul Gilbert's latest short story collection described by Reedsy as "An enjoyable collection of 10 Sherlock Holmes stories centered on the dark world—of ghosts, the dead, occultists etc". The world's most experienced Sherlockian editor, David Marcum comments "He’s one of those pasticheurs that can be trusted to relate narratives about the TRUE Sherlock Holmes – the Canonical and traditional Holmes" (buy book here).

4. A Few Lessons from Sherlock Holmes

Although this book turned 10 years old this year, it remains one of our best selling books. Peter Bevelin has lessons on a host of subjects, and his Holmes hints and tips are as popular today as a decade ago. "It contains useful and timeless methods and questions applicable to a variety of important issues in life and business" (buy book here).

5. The Meinir Davies Casebook: Cases Solved in the Shadows of Mr Sherlock Holmes, Mrs D Dene, et al.

A debut collection of stories from Dominique Gracia described as "full of nuanced detail with well written and flowing story lines". Housekeeper, schoolmistress, detective: Mrs Meinir Davies tracks down missing mothers, stolen treasures, and secrets and scandals touching some of England’s most venerable institutions, from the Church to the Houses of Parliament. Davies teams up with Sherlock Holmes in some of the stories too (buy book here).

6. Sherlock Holmes: The Coronet Conspiracy

The first in a series of four novels in which Holmes takes on a formidable criminal organization - The Sinister House. The book was a real hit with Reedsy "Heatherly drops readers into the sights, sounds and emotions of the investigation in a way that seems too real" (buy book here).

7. The Medical Casebook of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson

Our best selling non-fiction book of 2023. In real life Nick Howlett is a doctor, and he has combined his obsession with Sherlock Holmes with his medical knowledge to bring us a comprehensive review of all of the main medical issues in the canon. In the run up to the launch Nick produced an excellent blog 'The Medical Casebook' covering the most popular chapters which was very popular (buy book here).

8. The Devil's Disciples: A Sherlock Holmes Adventure

Richard Ryan is undoubtedly MX Publishing's bestselling novelist and Devil's Disciples has been widely received as his best yet. Kieran McMullen who specialises in historical Holmes novels comments "Ryan understands the time period, the events and the critical historic characters. He also understands Watson and Holmes. He does an excellent job of intertwining the two; fact and fiction. It's not just a mystery, it is an adventure with 19th century terrorists. Or are they?" (buy book here).

9. Sherlock Holmes and The Adventure of The Found Note

Matthew Simmonds second novel is a great follow up to The Adventure of The Pigtail Twist and continues Matthew's reputation for canonical accuracy mixed with action. Described as "a page-turner of a novel with a labyrinthine plot in which nothing and no one can be taken at face value", the book intertwines two storylines - the main one in which Holmes and Watson try to unravel the murky workings of the sinister Ex Tenebris Club, and a sub-plot in which Watson helps a lady in distress whose husband has disappeared (buy book here).

10. Sherlock Holmes and A Tale of Greed

Daniel D Victor's 'American Literati' series is the most successful series of novels published by MX Publishing and indeed helped Dan set a record as the most translated author.  With the 9th installment, A Tale of Greed, the author yet again brilliantly inserts an American literary figure, in this case, Frank Norris into the familiar universe of Holmes and Watson. It is a tale of greed, indeed, with the teenage American artist (and future novelist) Norris tagging along uninvited and already exhibiting the attention to detail that will distinguish his finest work. This is not the quaint and eminently polite British society we have met in other Victor outings, but rather a fittingly darker vision of London (and the rest of England). As we have come to expect, Dan's ability to weave an American author's distinct style and tone into the traditional Holmesiana of Conan Doyle, all the while bringing his own postmodern skill at blurring truth and fiction, along with an ever playful touch, is on full display here (buy book here).

11. The Rediscovered Annals of Sherlock Holmes

Terry Golledge wrote this collection many years ago and it was only after he had passed that his son Niel got introduced to editor David Marcum and brought this collection to life. It has been in the bestselling audio list for every month of 2023 and Publishers Weekly described the ten stories as a "stellar collection" in a glowing starred review (buy book here).

12. Sherlock Holmes and The Eye of Heka

The main book to challenge Terry Golledge's collection for the top of the chart in 2023 was David Marcum's novel, The Eye of Heka. It too was very popular with Publishers Weekly - "Marcum expertly balances deduction and action as he more than meets the challenge of recreating the spirit and tone of Conan Doyle’s originals." Although the book came out in 2021, the audiobook was released late in 2022 and sat near the top of the 2023 audio charts all year and is narrated by the excellent Holmes actor Luke Barton (buy book here).

13. The Recollections of Sherlock Holmes

Arthur Hall is no stranger to bestseller lists. His 'Demon of The Dusk' is the bestselling MX Publishing Sherlock Holmes audiobook of all time. The Recollections of Sherlock Holmes is his third collection of short stories and already has multiple five star reviews on Amazon (buy book here).