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Rogues Gallery (McCabe and Cody Casebooks - Volume 1)

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"Dan Andriacco hits it out of the park with Rogues Gallery, a collection of short mystery stories featuring the two unlikely brothers-in-law and modern day Holmes and Watson of Sebastian McCabe and Jeff Cody".
- Bonnie MacBird, Hollywood screenwriter, author of TRON
Some crimes are bigger than others, and the same is true of crime stories. Rogues Gallery brings together for the first time a series of shorter Sebastian McCabe-Jeff Cody mysteries - three novellas and two short stories. The many fans of the McCabe - Cody novels will be delighted to find that these tales are characterized by the same dry humor, solid plotting, and adroit characterization that distinguished the novel-length adventures.

This case book includes:

Art in the Blood - An art show in downtown Erin, featuring the works of Kate McCabe and other female artists, goes horribly awry when murder stalks the gallery.

The Revengers - Halloween finds Jeff Cody and Lynda Teal dressed as John Steed and Emma Peel. But before they get to the party, they find themselves in an Avengers-like mystery.

Santa Crime - Sebastian McCabe, dressed as Santa Claus for a Christmas event at a local charity, finds himself acting more like Sherlock Holmes to solve a holiday theft.

A Cold Case - House-hunting turns into a nightmare for the newly married Jeff and Lynda when a body turns up in the freezer chest of a house they'd like to call home.

Dogs Don't Make Mistakes - Nobody would blame Jeff and Mac's friend Ashley Crutcher for shooting her estranged husband when he entered their home in the middle of the night. But she insists she didn't do it.

ISBN: 9781780927022 

Page count: 236  

Author Name: Dan Andriacco


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