Queen City Corpse (McCabe and Cody Book 7)

Queen City Corpse (McCabe and Cody Book 7)

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Author: Dan Andriacco

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"Where do we hide the body?"

This is the startling question that Jeff Cody and his wife, Lynda, hear during a wedding reception on the first night of the QueenCon mystery conference in Cincinnati. Not only are the whispered words unnerving, there is no one nearby to have spoken them.

Jeff's brother-in-law, mystery writer and amateur sleuth Sebastian McCabe, discounts the puzzle with what seems to be a logical and reassuring explanation. But murder does come to QueenCon - and to a victim who seems to make no sense.

Mac's usual freewheeling style of mystery-solving runs into a roadblock in the form of a homicide captain who has been his enemy since the seventh grade. So Jeff and Lynda wind up doing his legwork, and what they had expected to be a fun weekend is harder than any day at the office.

Queen City Corpse shines with humor, bright writing, and memorable characterization, as well as the solid storytelling that caused best-selling novelist Bonnie MacBird to call Dan Andriacco "a master of mystery plotting."

ISBN: 9781787051416 Page count: 240 Publication-date: 28th September 2017

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