Sherlock Holmes and the Round Table Adventure

Sherlock Holmes and the Round Table Adventure

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Author Name: Joseph W Svec III

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"Merlin predicted you would say that."

When a knight from the Round Table of Camelot bursts into 221-B Baker Street demanding the help of Sherlock Holmes, there begins the oddest, most mystical adventure Holmes and Watson have ever experienced. Merlin himself, has called the great detective and his scribe back through time, to solve a vexing problem. England's greatest Poet Laureate is missing! A Unicorn leads the way through the portal in the standing stones, and waiting for them are a series of challenges unlike anything they have ever encountered before, as well as Pixies, Gnomes, Hobgoblins, a dragon, an enchanted mirror, a very odd chess match, an underground labyrinth, King Arthur, and his Round Table, and the most infamous sorceress of history and myth, Morgan le Fey! Plot twists abound, as logic and rational thinking collide head on with myth and magic, resulting in Sherlock crafting a masterful scheme that echoes all the way down through history. Brace your selves for a most fascinating and enjoyable tale.

ISBN: 9781780926865 Page count: 188 Publication-date: 17th October 2016

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