The Camera Case (Octavius Bear Book 10)

The Camera Case (Octavius Bear Book 10)

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Author Name: Harry DeMaio


Welcome back, once again, to Polar Paradise in the Shetland Islands, part-time home of Octavius Bear’s spouse Bearoness Belinda Béarnaise Bruin Bear (nee Black.) In Book Eight – The Crank Case, we introduced you to Preston Pavel Polar, Russian movie star and matinee idol. He’s back, this time with a full-scale movie crew to shoot another one of his highly successful swasgger and swords epics in the castle/resort and using most of the Octavians as his cast members. Belinda and Octavius are financial partners in the production. Things seem to be going smoothly but then, an ingenue cast member takes a fatal dive into the ocean and is pulled out Dead. How did she die? Why did she die? Octavius and Maury swing into action to solve the mystery along with ace consulting detective Fetlock Holmes, Shetland Yard Superintendent Nigel Wardlaw and Chief Inspector Bruce Wallaroo. Belinda, the Cubs, Mlle Woof, Chita, Condo, Otto, the Wolves and all the other regulars are on hand to propel the action. Ready for another tale? Lights, Camera, Action!

ISBN: 9781787054356 Page count: 152 Publication-date: 19th September 2019

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