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The Case of Scotch (Octavius Bear Book 3)

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Author Name: Harry DeMaio

Imagine if Sherlock Holmes was a bear. Book three in the Octavius Bear series starts at Bearmoral Castle in the Shetland Islands, home of the exquisite and very rich Bearoness Belinda Béarnaise Bruin Bear (nee Black). She and Octavius married in Book Two but are keeping up separate residences in Scotland and Cincinnati. What starts out as a routine visit by Octavius and his crime fighting team, Maury, Otto, L.Condor, the Frau and Colonel, swiftly turns into startling tales of seemingly impossible sabotage against Scottish oil rigs in the North Sea and murder at the castle. Chita reappears as the owner of an oil rig bequeathed to her by a petroleum wildcat, now-deceased.

ISBN: 9781780928388 Page count: 264 Publication-date: 25th November 2015

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