The Art of Sherlock Global 1 Special Edition

The Art of Sherlock Global 1 Special Edition

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The Art of Sherlock Holmes Global Edition 1 is truly unique. While there have been literally hundreds of Holmes pastiches written (even a few of mine), before our two volumes, The Art of Sherlock Homes-West Palm Beach and USA, there had never been volumes where Holmes short stories were interpreted by such accomplished artists. In this first Global edition, fifteen world-class artists have each had a story assigned to them - specifically dependent on the particular talent of each artist. Whether the interpretations be from the forms of surrealist, contemporary, realist, digital, minimalist, symbolism, or an amalgam of various forms, each piece of art created is unique, hypnotic, mesmerizing and unforgettable.

Each created specifically to express the essence of each incredible Holmes story. The thirteen stories herein range from the impossibly baffling (except for Holmes) to the humorous, paranormal, or simply intellectually intricate. You're presented with murder, theft, treason, betrayal, love, loss and greed. All the ingredients to make delicious Holmes meals of mystery. But please remember, art is in the eye of the beholder. So we hope you'll appreciate each creation for what it is: an inimitable interpretation of a truly unique Holmes story. And for those of you who get lost in abstract art, our abstract artists have provided an explanation of what their art means in relation to the story they've interpreted.



Pedro Linares, Rafael Gluckstern Gardos, Victor Tkachenko, Manzur Kargar, Dan Arcus, Olivier Lamboray, Georg Pummer, Dalit Marom, Sierk Van Meeuwen, Chris Stevens, Mateo Kos, Tony Hernandez, Dada Adesoji Disu, Vesa Kivinen, Murat Tezcan Demirbas.


Denis O Smith,James Lovegrove, Tony Reynolds, Tim Symonds, Shane Simmons, Mark Mower, Archie Rushden, Ann Margaret Lewis, Derrick Belanger, Keith Hann, Geri Schear, Deanna Baran,  Gregg Rosenquist, James Moffett.

ISBN : 9781787055452

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