A Study In Statecraft - The Redacted Sherlock Holmes, Novel 2, Paperback

A Study In Statecraft - The Redacted Sherlock Holmes, Novel 2, Paperback

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The Redacted Novels Volume II - The Memoirs of Mycroft Holmes

Unearthed after being lost for nearly a century, at last the memoirs of Mycroft Holmes are available to the general public.

Students and followers of his brother, the Great Baker Street detective, Sherlock Holmes, have to date only been offered two stories in which Mycroft Holmes appears and two in which he is mentioned. This publication of the memoirs of Mycroft Holmes after their sensational discovery in the summer of 2023 transforms our understanding of Sherlock Holmes’s more intelligent elder brother.

In this volume we see what it is when one extraordinarily talented person is the British Government as Mycroft Holmes applies his skills in statecraft to tax evasion, royal honours, Partygate, the 1918 Armistice, and the Abdication crisis of 1936.

Mycroft Holmes was at his apogee in the time covered by these memoirs.

Is it just chance that this time constituted the zenith of Britain’s powers?

Author: Orlando Pearson

ISBN: 9781804242773

Pages: 180

Date: 15th October 2023

Also available in hardcover.

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