What Is Your Interview Identity: A personality type test for the job interview

What Is Your Interview Identity: A personality type test for the job interview

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Helping career professionals to be successful in a job interview. 

How an interviewer views an applicant, due to their ability to communicate competencies confidently, affects the job interview outcome.

Each applicant conforms to one of 16 interview identities based on the candidate's perceived level of knowledge/experience and their level of interview confidence. The interview identity acts as a filter that an employer uses before making a hiring decision.

The interview identity book will help readers to be seen as more skilled, more knowledgeable and more hireable.

TAKE - the interview prediction grid test

CHOOSE - one of sixteen interview identities

LEARN - how an employer views you based on your interview identity

UNDERSTAND - the three rules for a successful interview outcome

IMPROVE - your ability to create high-scoring answers

INCREASE - confidence in the job interview

RESULT - in an increase of job offers

Readers will improve their job interview performance by learning about:

- Unconscious bias

- The structured job interview process

- The hiring managers' decision-making process

This book is for anyone who consistently fails to win job offers during the job interview.

Author:      Chris Delaney

ISBN:         9781787058156

Pages:       186

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