Secrets of Baker Street: The Curious Adventures Of The Real Holmes and Watson

Secrets of Baker Street: The Curious Adventures Of The Real Holmes and Watson

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Follow the recorded tales of Dr Watson herself as she navigates life with the enigmatic Sherlock Holmes. And discover the truth behind their unique bond as they uncover the necessity of each other.

In case you were not aware, behind every great man is a woman with a very convincing fake moustache. Thus, the tales of the great Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson may, in fact, surprise you.

Regrettably, Johanna Watson was born a woman and to add to her father’s dismay, she was horrendously bad at it. She had a fire in her and a passion for research, science, and learning that her father didn’t understand.

But after striking a deal with her brother, she took his place studying medicine incognito behind their father’s back. Thus, the erudite Doctor John Watson was established in the world. 

After returning to London, she found rooms at 221B Baker Street with the enigmatic individual Sherlock Holmes. Watson did not anticipate they would have much in common: she was wrong. Sherlock has her own secrets and a life so full of mystery and intrigue that Watson cannot help but get wrapped up in it.

Cases take their friendship all over London and further afield as the pair form an unexpected companionship. But as Watson’s knack for deduction improves her feelings towards her roommate change in a way neither of them can predict.

These tales, recounting their adventures, are recorded by the Doctor. She hopes you love them as much as she enjoyed them making the memories.

Author:   Perry Wyatt

Pages:    210

ISBN:      9781787057999

Date:      11th October 2021

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