Science: For Those Who Escape From Science

Science: For Those Who Escape From Science

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Science helps us to discover the universe and the world around us and aid us to marvel at strange and wonderful things. The greatest human progresses and advances came true when man doubted his knowledge and sought to discover new challenges. What is the good news? That most people are still unaware of many facts about ourselves and that there is a lot of things that we need to know about. This book consists of eight chapters in five different areas: the first chapter deals with facts "beyond the earth", the second chapter deals with biological knowledge related to "bipedal human beings", the third, fourth, fifth and sixth chapters deal with facts about other living creatures on the planet Earth (birds, aquatic animals, and terrestrial beings). Chapter 7 is about the earth itself and its nature, and finally, chapter 8 will summarize the seventeen great inventions of history that have changed human life.

Navid Farokhi, M.Sc. in Information Technology, futurist and artificial intelligence expert lives in Tehran, Iran. He works in the field of popular science and promotes scientific content among the general public.

ISBN     9781804240236

Pages   164

Author royalties from the book will be donated to MX Publishing’s charity causes.

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