Nessie's Nemesis - Paperback

Nessie's Nemesis - Paperback

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What do an Internet scam, a conference for mystery writers, and "The Great Sausage Scandal" have in common?  They're all connected to the latest adventure of Addy Zhuang– an employee of the real-life bank at 221B Baker Street tasked with answering all of the mail that mystery fans send to Sherlock Holmes.  In the sequel to Sherlock's Secretary, Addy, his true-crime reporter girlfriend Zabel, and his friends Sanna and Jasper travel to Scotland in order to solve a missing persons case connected to a prop from the classic movie The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes.  Pretty soon, Addy and his colleagues are embroiled in a murder mystery, and the main suspect is a nobleman obsessed with one goal: hunting the Loch Ness Monster!

Author    Chris Chan

Series     Sherlock's Secretary Book 2

Pages     248

Date       3rd September 2023 (available now from this site)

ISBN       9781804242438

Format    Paperback (also available as hardcover)

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