A Most Diabolical Plot – Six Compelling Sherlock Holmes Cases

A Most Diabolical Plot – Six Compelling Sherlock Holmes Cases

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In the year 1903 – the exact moment is now lost to history - Sherlock Holmes proclaimed to the world he was quitting England’s Capital to go into retirement on a small, wind-swept farm in the Sussex South Downs. His shocked comrade-in-arms Dr. John H. Watson was later to write, ‘The decision took me utterly by surprise. I thought I had become an institution around Holmes, like his Stradivarius, or the old, oily black clay pipe and his index books.’ Reluctantly Watson wrote up three recent cases yet unpublished and returned to his medical practice. Holmes retirement didn’t last long. Once more his faithful Amanuensis Watson took up his pen - and his Army Service revolver. The result was three more of the most intriguing cases ever undertaken by the famous pair. All six adventures have now been brought together in this special edition.

For more on Tim Symonds’ short stories and his Sherlock Holmes novels see at http://tim-symonds.co.uk and https://mxpublishing.me/tag/tim-symonds/

Author Name: Tim Symonds

ISBN: 9781787054042 

Page count: 164

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