#18 - The Adventure of The Missing Link

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#18 - The Adventure of The Missing Link Bruce Helander

The Art of Sherlock Holmes Based on a story by author David Marcum

The Story

This tale has to do with the excavations at Piltdown, which resulted in the now infamous “Piltdown Man.” The skull had been sent to Sir William Olster for examination. However; he only manages a cursory glance before the skull is expertly stolen from his house. The twists in this tale are truly amazing.

About This Print:

50 x 70 cm Unframed Matte poster printed on durable, archival paper. Other options available on Redbubble.

For all you artsy types out there you can enjoy The Art of Sherlock Holmes in a myriad of different ways including phone covers, cushion covers, mugs and a whole lot more!  Just hop over to Redbubble and explore by product or by design.

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