The Art of Sherlock Holmes Expands Across The USA

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Following the success of the first collection and book ‘The Art of Sherlock Holmes-West Palm Beach' the next collection has been announced.

The Art of Sherlock Holmes-USA Edition 1 will feature thirteen artists from all across the United States; once again paired with thirteen authors and their Sherlock Holmes stories.

The new book will be released in October, and the gallery exhibition will be in November in a fantastic gallery to be announced soon.

Three pieces have been selected as promo pieces by The Conan Doyle Estate for the book and collection, and the Conan Doyle Estate has added them to their authenticated prints on their shop (Conan Doyle Estate Shop).

The three pieces are:



#16 - The Vampire of The Lyceum – (artist) Alex Arshanky (authors) Charles Veley & Anna Elliott

#17 - The Adventure of The Pharaoh's Tablet – (artist) Aaron Schwartz  (author) Robert Perret 

#18 - The Adventure of The Missing Link – (artist) Bruce Helander  (author) David Marcum


This brings the total number of pieces to 28 in the first two collections, and the Global Edition 1 and Global Edition 2 are also well underway. 

The special edition is available for pre-order here - USA Edition 1 Special Edition



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