The Wurst Case Scenario (Octavius Bear Book 11)

The Wurst Case Scenario (Octavius Bear Book 11)

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What if Sherlock Holmes was a bear? Another instalment in the adventures of Octavius Bear and his friends.

Doctor Llewellyn Llama, Director of the Pharm and Pharma Division of Octavius Bear’s Universal Ursine Industries (UUI) is found dead in his hotel room in Washington DC. How did he die? The DC Police believe he was poisoned. Why did he die? Unknown!

He was there to consult with the US Department of Agriculture and the Food and Drug Administration on P&P’s work on ‘cultured meat’ and artificial foods.  “Best Wurst and Best Burgers!” ‘Cultured meat’ is one of P&P’s most controversial projects. Government, the Press, Science and Academia, all sorts of political and pressure groups, even churches, are taking sides and being damn vociferous about it.

Another piece of news. General Turmoil, Director of the Business, a clandestine Multiverse Agency is missing from his office in Washington. Interplanetary foul play or covert activity on the Business’ part?

Octavius and Maury swing into action to solve the mysteries. All the Octavians are also on hand to move things along. Join us and have a sandwich while you’re at it.

Author: Harry DeMaio

Publication Date: 4th June 2020

ISBN 9781787055551

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