The Wilhelm Conspiracy (A Sherlock Holmes and Lucy James Mystery - Book 2)

The Wilhelm Conspiracy (A Sherlock Holmes and Lucy James Mystery - Book 2)

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Two strangely connected murders. An eve-of-war catastrophe. And a new sleuth determined to help Holmes against all odds . . .
London, 1896--A prominent banker is found dead in an unsavory part of the city. Hours later, the charred remains of another body are discovered on a beach in Dover. An intriguing link between the two murders brings the case to the forefront of Sherlock Holmes's attention.
The famed detective's investigation has barely begun, however, when the Secretary of War summons him with catastrophic news: on the eve of war, a new British superweapon has fallen into the wrong hands. Holmes must recover it, or risk dooming all of England to a dark fate for generations to come.
Holmes and his faithful partner Watson make plans to track the weapon down in Germany, where Brits are unwelcome and dangers lurk everywhere. But they're not alone in their endeavors: over Holmes's stern objection, his recently discovered grown daughter Lucy insists on helping the duo find the weapon and solve the two murders.
Lucy's sleuthing skills prove as formidable as her father's, and soon enough, the trail of clues in Germany lead the three detectives to a sinister plot that puts them directly in the line of fire. Can they evade danger, solve a double murder and save the Empire?

Authors: Charles Veley and Anna Elliott

ISBN:   9781503940352

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