The Watcher In The Woods - Digital Edition

The Watcher In The Woods - Digital Edition

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A young man, Cuthbert Lidington, rents an isolated cottage near the Romney Marsh in Kent which had once been the home of the late Serenus Charling, a noted writer on alchemy. At first, he is pleased with his decision to live there, but, later, strange things begin to happen. Several times on his morning walk he has seen a dark figure in the distance, standing still and apparently watching him. Then, one evening, as he is working in his study, he sees the same figure standing at the foot of his garden, staring in at the study window. Later, in the middle of the night, someone bangs loudly on his front door. Frightened by these developments, and unable to explain them, he consults Sherlock Holmes.

#29 - The Watcher In The Woods Pedro Linares

The Art of Sherlock Holmes Based on a story by author Denis O Smith

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