The Suit Case (Octavius Bear Book 7)

The Suit Case (Octavius Bear Book 7)

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Author Name: Harry DeMaio


Can it be true? Is Octavius Bear actually accused of murder? When Professor Hercules Ovibos, an extortionate fraud pursuing a law suit against Octavius, is found floating in the Detroit River, evidence brought forward by the Professor’s lawyers seems to point toward the Great Bear. Is this a frame-up? His team immediately joins forces to get him off the hook. Meanwhile, Howard Watt and Marlin are leading a group of scientists in a Quantum Physics experiment to create “electron tangling” between alternative worlds. All does not go well. Other new characters: The nasty inhabitants of Biosphere X (Home World) who are intent on preventing the experiment from working. Killings Galore! And please welcome Ursula – Universal Ursine Intellect Model 6 – Artificial Intelligence System. She’s in for the long haul. The Cubs, Belinda, Mlle Woof, Chita, L. Condor, Marlin, Otto, The Wolves, Flying Tigers and of course, Maury are all back along with an additional cast of characters. Ain’t science fun?

ISBN: 9781787052918 Page count: 224 Publication-date: 20th September 2018

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