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The Real Sherlock Holmes

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Author Name: Joe Riggs

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The Real Sherlock Holmes - Joe Riggs

What if you could spot deception instantly and see through people like Sherlock Holmes? After having been raised by professional psychic readers, Joe Riggs left all that behind to become the internationally acclaimed Mentalist, Psychological Performer and Consultant that he is today. In this brief yet extremely powerful book, Joe Riggs will not only teach you the hidden methods employed by psychic readers everywhere; he will also teach you some of the most powerful techniques in the art of Mentalism. Joe Riggs has been repeatedly hailed by the press as "The Man Who Knows Too Much" as well as "The Real Sherlock Holmes." His uncanny ability to gather a literal wealth of information from a person in seconds is legendary. Get ready to see everyone and everything in a way you never thought possible. These skills and techniques will catapult you into the world of literal mind reading and mental acuity.

A share of all the royalties from 'The Real Sherlock Holmes' go to the Undershaw Preservation Trust.

ISBN: 9781780922621 Page count: 80 Publication-date: 28th June

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