The Mysterious World of Sherlock Holmes

The Mysterious World of Sherlock Holmes

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About This Book:

The Illustrated Guide to the Famous Cases, Infamous Adversaries, and Ingenious Methods of the Great Detective. 

Over a century since his first appearance in print, Sherlock Holmes remains an iconic figure today. This unique companion is a collector's dream, allowing fans to delve into the criminal environment of foggy, gas-lit Victorian London-the world of the all-time greatest detective. The book brings to life the elements of Holmes's success, the crime scene of his day, his history in film and television, and the present-day Holmes legacy. Featured throughout are famous figures such as Holmes's faithful sidekick, Dr. Watson; his nemesis, Professor Moriarity; and Sherlock Holmes creator Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Filled with more than 150 images-many of the works by the great original illustrators of Conan Doyle's stories-this volume presents an excellent mix of information to satisfy legions of Holmes collectors, mystery fans, and historians fascinated by a bygone era.

Through detailed text and over 150 specially researched archive illustrations, the unique volume: 

  • Documents the greatest mysteries, methods of deduction, and notorious criminals found in the Holmes canon.
  • Brings to startling life the Victorian London crime scene that compromised the detective's fascinating world.
  • Examines the various media manifestations of the stories, including their history in print and film and television adaptations.
  • Invites you to read the tales again with newfound insight.

Author:      Bruce Wexler

ISBN:         9780785830207

Publisher:  Chartwell

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